What Is A Ketogenic Diet?

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19 thoughts on “What Is A Ketogenic Diet?

  1. Been doing this for over 2 months now, I'm down 32 lbs so far and am loving it. I don't find it hard to follow at all and LOVE the fact that I can eat avocados !

  2. For all the vegans in the comment section, can someone please post some evidence as to why meat is unhealthy. Thanx

  3. Struggling to do this diet right.. Can you please explain meal preparation? Also, are you sure the oils are OK? Dr. JW says no oil and I would love your opinion on it please. Thanks 🙂

  4. Dr Axe, my husband says your body won't allow your ph to get out of whack so you can not affect your bodies acidity. Humm, can you explain that further?

  5. LOL… you have a great name for marketing purposes… How To Cut Fat by Dr Axe… classic! Thanks for the great video BTW… I have been diagnosed with an illness and I have to lose fat, and I am right at the start of going on a Keto diet. Very helpful.

  6. I just realized there are carb free noodles called shirataki and kelp noodles. Kelp noodle have a tiny amount of carb, but coupled with fiber it's basically carb free. Seem like a good choice for people who still misses noodles.

  7. I've done 50 grams of carbs a day from the beginning of the diet and I've lost over 20 lbs in two months. I probably would have lost more if I had lowered my carb intake for the first month but I didn't want to strict myself too much….

  8. I really want to try keto. I feel I consume too much sugar and when I eat less sugar and low carb I do feel better and lose weight; however I am concerned: I have a strong family history of high cholesterol, cardiovascular disease (stroke & heart attack) and dementia. Can the keto diet increase my risk for these disease processes? Thank you!

  9. Dr. Axe, I've been on a ketogenic diet for a few months and I honestly don't know when I've last been this low in weight. Definitely convinced in it, so I was wondering if you you have seen the documentary "What the health "? I watched it on Netflix and I was wondering what you thought about it. It seems to be one sided, and does not mention the health benefits of ketosis. I think the man who made it, also made "Cowsperacy ", which is also on Netflix. Basically they think we should all be vegans.

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