What I Ate Today | My Diet | Healthy Lifestyle

What I Ate Today | My Diet | Healthy Lifestyle

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Di vlog pertama aku, aku mau bercerita tentang keseharian aku atur pola makan diet. Dan juga disini aku mau sekalian pengumuman mengenai kontes diet plan yang aku adain untuk pelanggan BSH ku:-RRB-.

Fyi, BSH = Body Slim Herbal.

Bagi yang belum ‘ngeh’ tentang BSH silahkan nonton video ku Sharing Diet plan 10 Kg berikut https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aJJi7E-DEio.

Berikut adalah link untuk download ketentukan lengkap lomba diet Body Slim Herbal Alifah Ratu Saelynda: https://goo.gl/3QCMMg.

Ayo berangkat ke Bali 3 hari 2 malem bersama aku!!:-RRB-.

Info pemesanan BSH:.
IG: @bodyslimherbal. distbandung.
Line: @iht5115c (pakai @ yaa).
WA di: 085780523831.
Harga: Rp 120.000.
Cek keaslian: www.bodyslimherbalonline.com.

The best ways to contact me:.
1. https://www.instagram.com/alifahratu/.
2. http://ask.fm/alifahratu.
3. saelyndaratu@gmail.com.
4. ID Line: @ysr9420d (pakai @ ya).

CAMERA: Canon EOS M10.

MODIFYING: Filmora Wondershare.

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36 thoughts on “What I Ate Today | My Diet | Healthy Lifestyle

  1. Hi! I know this is just a random day so your diet may differ…based off of your comment of always being hungry I'm wondering if you are actually eating enough/getting enough protein? Especially after you workout…Just from what you showed on here it seems like you could add more in. You shouldn't be hungry all the time, even with working out. I'm a bodybuilder and train hard but never feel like I'm starving. Just something to think about! 🙂

  2. if i want to do hiit on a treadmill for 20=25 minutes, what should i do after it? because i think i want to split up my hiit and lifting days (3 days hiit and 2 days lifting) or should i just do hiit and be done with the gym after that lol anyone's response is great thanks!! 🙂

  3. You have a really bad macrosfor someone that excercises 6 days a week. Is about 10% protein, 15% fats, 75 carbs.

  4. No offence but why do women add unnecessary ingredients just to make food "look pretty". That's a lot of calories you could spend eating something later in the day. Your breakfast could've just been oatmeal and that would've been enough.

  5. Yay for fast metabolisms! Don't ever feel bad about eating a lot. It's what your body needs!! And I LOVE eating cereal out of a mug…except I always go back for seconds or thirds haha!

  6. Love this! New subscriber ? it's so refreshing to see a youtuber that is fit and healthy, but eats an appropriate amount of food to reflect that amount of exercise!

  7. This is the most powerful weight loss guidebook that I've ever come across. I have lost 7.5 pounds. I wish I could have googled about "fizy unique plan" (Google it) before without losing my time on some other solutions.

  8. Do you like hummus? That's one of my favorites. And what about lentils? I feel like the Earth made those for me? I'm glad the nutrition is doing well by you. These food patrolers need to back off. It's really a bit much. I'm going to add some asparagus to my lentil/ brown rice bowls. Much love to you.

  9. those cereals you are eating are not real food… instead of that you should try eating some cereals made out of oats,… or just simply

    do this

    oats, honey, nuts, cayu nuts, almonds, some seeds, like cornflower seeds, yogurt….

    which is more healthy…

    Most cereals you buy in the supermarket are unhealthy… just like eating plastic…

  10. #lou +WastingYourTime ReadingThis Sure compared to those crazy things it isn't as gross but it still is.. @Shauna Carpenter

  11. Mba kalo seandainya makan yg pertama itu di ganti sama jam 12. Terus makan kedua nya jam 4. Ada pengaruh ngga dietnya dgn jarak makan yg lumayan deket?

  12. klo misalnya makan ttp 3 kali sehari tp porsinya sedkit, nasinya cuma tiga sendok, pas konsumsi BSH bs ttp turun gak?

  13. hay kaq…aku udah nyoba make upnya tapi ko masih belom bisa ke tutuo ya bekas jerawat aku…oya kaq goundation ELF nya beli di mana sih ko di tempat aku ngak ada yg jual ya

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