Wellness Tips निकलता Gharelu Health Tips And Also Healthy Life Upay Natural Home Remedy

< things type =" application/x-shockwave-flash" design =" size:425 px; elevation:355 px;" information ="// www.youtube.com/v/zlLDPxg1ovA?color2=FBE9EC&version=3&modestbranding=1" > < things type =" application/x-shockwave-flash" style="size:425 px; height:355 px;" data ="// www.youtube.com/v/-n_4YQ2ozY4?color2=FBE9EC&version=3&modestbranding=1" >< param name =" movie" worth ="// www.youtube.com/v/-n_4YQ2ozY4?color2=FBE9EC&version=3&modestbranding=1"/ > Despite his taste for quick food as well as a total lack of exercise, the White House doctor informed the press corps on Trump’s ‘superb’ health.

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35 thoughts on “Wellness Tips निकलता Gharelu Health Tips And Also Healthy Life Upay Natural Home Remedy

  1. The claim that Trump could live to be 200 years old is like that POW saying he's being treated nice in a propaganda video while blinkning out "T-O-R-T-U-R-E".

    He wants us to understands its all lies

  2. The Orange fucker wouldn't need cholesterol meds if he would just stop eating cheeseburgers like they're vitamins

    And damn they either paid that doctor off or had his balls in a vise threatening his career if he didn't stroke trumps cod piece in front of the press corps

  3. Whew, does the President of the United States really have to give his every test result like this? I mean, although I couldn't disagree more with Trump on pretty much everything, this seems very invasive. Imagine having EVERY PERSON in your country know about your weight and the state of your teeth…

  4. Nice fat shaming douche bag… liberals are so tolerant … its amazing , they are acting exactly the same as the republicans during the obama era

  5. My husband does that when he first puts his contacts in. To save money he wears his glasses for 2 months & his contacts for 2 months. When he goes back to contacts he forgets for a while so he instinctively goes to push his glasses up constantly. Usually dissipates after about 4 days of me laughing at him. ?

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