Veeramachaneni Ramakrishna Claims Cholestrol benefits Wellness # 2|#MahaaNews

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< param name =" film "worth ="//"/ > Exists a right method to evacuate|Natural Health Although in some societies the topic of emptying is still taboo, it is crucial for our health and wellness to understand just what is the right way to leave.

Historically, guy, like some mammals, normally took on a crouching position to remainder, job and also carry out physical features such as evacuation.

But how does the commode presently supply physical needs?

The commode: an object of “high-end”.

Since Sir John Harington created the toilet, in the year 1591, they changed our patterns to leave. In its beginnings, it was considered an item of “high-end”, given that not everyone had accessibility to one, only aristocracy. It was additionally accessible to the handicapped, however as extraordinary cases … … … For more watch video clip carefully.

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18 thoughts on “Veeramachaneni Ramakrishna Claims Cholestrol benefits Wellness # 2|#MahaaNews

  1. doctors do business. they never say good things . they have no patience to ask patient's problem and give good suggestions. just writes bundles of medicine. pakka business people. I hate them . Ramakrishna sir u r great human being . we r always support u

  2. Oh my god the whole point is if you follow this diet your blood sugar will be controlled , but I doesnt  mean that , diabetes will be cured
    there is no cure for diabetes 
    but the thing is kept diet has its own disadvantages 
    so in my opinion Veeramachaneni is wrong and he has no idea about diabetes 

    so people as a doctor what my suggestion is , eat healthy food and no matter what you eat  , I mean even if you are consuming 10000 calories a day , try to burn them.
    once you are diabetic , you will be diabetic forever

    and Madhavi Thakur was talking about gestational diabetes and that is totally different from type 2

    exercising and weight loss will put your blood sugar in control , so obviously if you do RBS it will show normal results 
    but if you are diabetic and you are on ketone diet , by mistake if you consume carbs , your blood sugar will shoot up again
    so I doesnt me you are cured from diabetes 

    I have been through dr fungs and dr moselys research 
    Veeramachaneni is just copy pasting their research work 

    so please avoid this diet , you people might end up with CVD

  3. Hello everyone want Share my experience… 2 years (2016 July) ago during my pregnancy docters at 7 th month did diabetic test it was positive with sugar level of 300 . Docters advised me to take insulin Morning & evening. I refused to take insulin or any medication related to diabetes .. I was firm on my decision irrespective of my health or unborn baby !! Then my Docter said US is a free country so it’s up to you … then I asked suggest any other thing other than medication then they sent me to dietitian… same like Ramakrishna Garu dietitian prescibed almost similar type of diet chart and I attended classes & followed the diet with checking daily sugar levels three times before breakfast after breakfast , after lunch & dinner my sugar levels were normal . I delivered a very healthy baby of 3.85kg . So no need of panic of diabetics . Excercise ,good sleep and Ramakrishna Garu‘s diet plan excellent same my dietician suggested me here in US .

  4. the diet is already there 100 years back. it is discovered by dr atkins for childre for epilisy cure. it is know followed by few in westren countries called by ketogenic diet. but we can do only for 2 weeks by eating this much nonveg. one thing there is no problem with carbohydrates ,fruits vegetables.. only problem is processed food we are eating.

  5. I agree with NIMS doctor. weight loss should happen over a period of time gradually, if we make weight loss challenges of 2 months or 3 months we make sudden changes in our food which body couldnt accept and its effects will be seen in later life. its my opinion

  6. We need carbs, proteins and fats are not enough. We also need vitamins and minerals. Normal human body needs about 1500 calories. It varies depending on the work we need. For example swimming professionals need to take 4500 calories. Cholesterol consists is two good and bad cholesterol. Egg yolk consists good cholesterol but the number of calories in it are high. So too many eggs would harm human health.

  7. Whole World has gone under false information. What Ramakrishna said is 100% correct. We just have to go back to our roots. How our grand parents have lived very healthy without any issues. Today almost everybody is suffering with either Diabetes, BP or Gas trouble.

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