Salt Shakedown — How to Avoid Hidden Sodium at the Grocery Store

Sign Up With a Johns Hopkins signed up dietitian as she walks via the aisles and also provides ideas on exactly how to lower salt intake

— yet not compromise taste. Eating much less salt is a major action in reducing your high blood pressure. Choosing low-sodium choices can not just reduced your high blood pressure, however likewise reduce your risk of heart disease. Dr. Al-Zubaidi talks regarding why salt matters and just how to minimize your intake.
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21 thoughts on “Salt Shakedown — How to Avoid Hidden Sodium at the Grocery Store

  1. i just found out i have high blood pressure. it's crazy. i never looked at labels. I've been eating a lot of ramen in school. ramen has 1690 msg per bowl….arghhhhh. at least i found the culprit. bc sometimes id have two bowls…

  2. I have a ton of more ideas. 1 corn tortillas are extremely low in sodium. Many times about 10-20 mg per serving.
    2 different breads have differening amounts of sodium. There is a brand that is based on a Bible verse that makes a low (no) sodium option. It tastes like cardboard but grills up ok with the right toppings.
    3 Grind your own peanut butter. You can get no sodium peanuts at the store. It actually tastes great
    4 don't have to totally skip the canned goods isle. Look for sodium free options like beans. Also easy to find no salt added tomato products.
    5 There is a sodium free chicken bullion that is quite good.
    6 Swiss cheeze is very low in sodium compared to others. Also fresh mozzarella is lower sodium as well. Also tastes good.
    7 Ice cream often is low sodium as well.
    8 Avacado mayo is really pretty good and is lower in everything than regular.
    9 there is a brand of regular chilli powder that has 0 sodium but only in the regular. It can also substitute for taco seasoning as well.
    10 many rice cakes are lower sodium.
    11 I have noticed that gluten free options seem to have reduced sodium content.
    12 buy fresh meat/ poultry/fish. Frozen adds saline of some sort. Fresh water fish usually is much better choice than sea food.
    13 sour cream is lower in sodium than most other dairy products.
    14 you can buy no sodium butter.
    15 oatmeal (not the packets) are heart healthy and low in sodium. Adding vanilla coffee creamer is a nice way to add flavor without a significant amount of sodium.
    16 there are no sodium tortilla chips out there. but not everywhere.


  4. We need ORGANIC Sodium from Fruits and Vegetables. We need Organic Chlorine from Fruits and Vegetables. Which fruit or vegetable do we get IN- ORGANIC SODIUM CHLORIDE from? Rocks?? Our body does not use Sodium Chloride in any shape or form. It is expelled out of the body in its entirety.

    During the times of the Samurai, when caught by the enemy they would ingest a mere 30g of salt , thus committing suicide??

    "Now sprinkle some more on your salad" says the Doctor.

    aquariusthewaterbearer (google -Sub section – Salt Crime Files)

  5. Data shows that we get "an increment of 2.11 mm Hg in systolic blood pressure per gram (of sodium increase)". So, going from typical 3000 grams to 2000 grams sodium will get us an average BP gain of 2 ? Meaning my sistolic would lower, on average, from 125 to 123 if I cut sodium from 3000 to 2000? Seems like a really small gain but then that's not the only thing that changes when

    They are finding cardiac event association with too little OR too much, with over 5000 mg of sodium being "too much" and that 3400 mg sodium that we get on average already might be well within the "sweet spot" and that the publicly recommended goals of reducing to 1500mg is actually associated with MORE cardiac events than with 2500-3500 mg sodium.

    Two of many good articles:

  6. I needed this vid. Thank you! When I eat foods with high amounts of sodium, K get an absolutely wicked headache which I just can’t handle unhealthy processed foods anymore. My life will change.

  7. Lunch meats….??????….WTF…There level-one carcenegenic's……According to the W.H.O. as of 2017-18

  8. Cooking at home is my passion. Thought I was on check with the sodium till Dr. said a little high. Age 58. Traumatic spine injury on crutches for a year. Walking 5 miles and feeling stronger, working, getting slender again….Soup is my passion. I always used bouillon cubes. Make my own stock I understand. What is the best chicken or beef broth I can purchase in containers that is the lowest in salt with FLAVOR. I used one> to the dump<. Not a name brand but offered the lowest sodium. Nasty. HELPPPPPP…. Thank you. Patty

  9. You solidified my progress. I couldn't stop watching. So much information and you paused to express that. Emphasis. Guilt to the viewer with an informative eye. I watched many on this sight tonight. Hands down >>> Subscribed.

  10. A good tip is also the amount of mg of sodium to be always 75% of the amount of calories. Since in general one consumes 2000cal per day, the amount of sodium ingested per day is ~1500mg.

  11. Very good presentation on reducing salt…Question….if you're eating out or eating at a friend's home and you realize the food has been cooked with more salt than you are used to eating, how do you dilute the salt intake? Drink more water? Other options?

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