People Eat A Raw Diet regimen For A Week – LIFE/CHANGE

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28 thoughts on “People Eat A Raw Diet regimen For A Week – LIFE/CHANGE

  1. I think I'm gonna do raw eating for one week of every month I'm pretty afraid of losing weight so I don't want to go completely raw but I would love more energy and just to see what other benefits I gain

  2. YOUR BASICALLY JUST THROWING AWAY THE GREATEST INVENTIONS HUMANS HAVE EVER COME UP WITH!!!!!!!! cooking foods allows you to eat meats safely which is what allowed us to develop our advanced brains. So if you eat all your food raw you are basically less intelligent then a caveman.

  3. Certain Dietary Choices can help get you in different situations and circumstances. Carnivorus, Omnivorous and Herbivorous as well as Vegetarians, Vegans, Fruitarian's Insectivores, Fishivores and other types of Health groups, Proteins, Fat's, Nutrients, Health, Vitamins, and more. Tofu, Soy, Dairy, Red Meat, White Meat, Vegetables, Fruits, Plants, and more. Some have Cannibalistic eating habits.

  4. I'm a vegetarian for 2 years and I want to be raw vegan but I don't see it happening. I'll be like the people in this video. I looked at Dr. sebi food plan and I cried ????

  5. Massive fan of yours Mark but this Vlogg def is not your best, your Vegan riding friends is what keeps Nutritionists like me in a job, calories in verses calories out what rubbish. SO to verify what they are saying I can eat for example ; 5000 calories of fruit and 5000 calories of deep fried hormone injected chicken and im going to put on the same amount of weight…. And not eating breakfast well……. I cant say anymore as this has me so frustrated..

  6. Durianrider's next video "Fergal McDergal worst of the fitness industry v DurianRider why I unsubscribed from freelee".
    Good advice bro.

  7. That guys advice on diet just goes to prove that being vegan isn't going to keep you energised to be able to fulfil your daily goals and fit and healthy. Yes his brother had a good point about nutrient intake, but calories in calories out, I'm afraid its not as simple as that. If you are not vegan and don't give a shit on what your eating, then its probably regular advice that I could read in a doctors waiting room magazine, but there are so many variables. Eat healthy/Vegan and don't count your calories (as I do) with no stimulants such as coffee or deterrents like alcohol and your better than great, You can honestly be and feel great doing so, it's just that people are too used to listening to bad advice, like in this vlog!

  8. No one is completely wrong or right in that chat, but the dude wearing the cycling cap spoke the most truth. Calories are a factor in the equation, but BMR, adaptive thermogenesis, thermogenic effects of foods, and daily exercise are just as important too, as he attempted to convey. Reaching for high nutrient, whole plant foods is the way, along with exercise, and adequate calorie monitoring. Loving the vids, mate :)

  9. Calories in is NOT calories out. So much crap advice given in the cafe here. Your body will deal with 4000 calories of oranges completely differently to 4000 calories of vegan donuts.

  10. I think this may be the most comments you have ever generated in such a short space of time mate. I really enjoyed the video and agree with most of what was said. I would be interested in seeing what works for you in your quest to get lean, rather than lots of people preaching about what or who is wrong or right.

  11. What's it like selling medical products to doctors who murder children with chemotherapy and radiation and ignore diet/medical cannabis oil?

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