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  1. Hey Nicole & Kyle, thanks for speaking your opinions & real experience with Keto or as it used to be known as low carb. I'm a year and an half in my weightloss. LC/Keto indeed gave me results, but it's not sustainable – socially and nutritionally for most people.

    Everyone in my family, friends & social circle who tried LC/Keto & had success eventually went back to their old way of eating, gained weight, & then some. My sister picked up high cholesterol after the diet along with her old weight. My parents did Keto when it was known as the Stillman water diet & had great success – until they gained all their weight back & picked up a multitude of metabolic & CV diseases. I'm not sure why I tried it – I guess I thought I'd be different & be able to sustain it. Thankfully, I never stayed on it too long – like you said, used in the short term, it can be helpful.

    In mid-October, after struggling with a plateau, I decided to go back to Keto, I managed two weeks and two day until I listened to my body and had enough. First, I had to get up and pee all day & all night. I was wired & not sleeping much due to the frequent urination from the diuretic effect of the Keto diet & my adrenal glands working overtime. Then the second week I came down with a cold nobody else had – I remembered suffering with a cold the last time I tried Keto. It could be correlation & not causation I realize. But the last straw was muscle weakness in my legs – and I was supplementing my potassium, magnesium & salts. My blood sugar is also higher on & after Keto. I'm not diabetic btw, but I test my blood sugar – my fasting glucose is usually 90 to 100. It's been running high 107 to 117 during & after LCHF. So I very much believe depriving yourself of carbohydrates does make your pancreas lazy in metabolizing them.

    Luv to you both & what you do. You have been a help & inspiration to me. Yes, don't eliminate food groups – perhaps you could do a video on Orthorexia

  2. You need to back up what you say with science based research. There isn't any on the points you made today.
    And, yes this is a maintainable way of eating. There are millions who are following keto and low carb who have lost lbs, lowered blood sugar, blood pressure, helped lower inflammation. I have followed low carb/keto for YEARS and that's what it has done for me. I have not fallen off the wagon and never will. I have not wasted away. I'm more muscular than I ever have been and I'm 56 years old.
    Please stop calling this a fad diet. It's been around for over 100 years and has been used therapeutically for many health problems. I have not eliminated any foods other than processed crap which you guys seem to still have a problem with. Processed food is not a good group contrary to popular belief. I eat healthy whole foods. It doesn't get any healthier than that.
    You know, good for you that you do ok with your way of eating. I would never say it's a fad, that you'll fail and regain all your weight. I'm not sure why you feel you can say it about Keto. What gets me is people are watching and listening to what you say about a diet you seem to know nothing about with nothing to back it up with and believing you. Stop playing at being experts.

  3. What the majority of the people commenting need to realize is that they aren't bashing any diet when they talk about it. That's just like you telling your doctor that ur on doing keto and they have a different opinion because it's what they studied. She isn't bashing anyone or anything. She is simply stating her opinion of how she feels that this diet would work. The biggest thing she tries to explain to everyone on this channel is YOU DO WHAT BEST SUITS YOU! that's what she's always been about. She tries to explain things in a way that would best suit everyone and she clearly states that it might not be the best for everyone. Everyone is different, and everyone has their own opinions about things but you shouldn't unsubscribe from her because she is sharing what she thinks of something. She might be right and she might not be that doesn't make her a horrible person. Keto is a great kickstart for some, and for others it's a whole transitioned lifestyle. Don't hate her because she is trying to help people.

  4. Best advice ever! But I wouldn’t expect anything less from you guys!
    Excellent! You are so intelligent, and generous to share your experience!
    Bless you both!♥️☺️??

  5. I totally agree!! I figure if some of the most abundant foods in the world are carbs, that they must be essential for our bodies: fruit, potatoes, rice, beans, and some veggies. Why would they be off limits if they are so abundant in nature? It's very important to eat all food groups. If people have issues with blood sugar, try the Trim Healthy Mama diet- you eat all foods, but you separate carbs and fats by 3 hours apart. You guys are awesome!

  6. You guys are very smart and have great ideas. Congratulations on keeping your weight off for so long! I think it would be great if you could do a video dealing with the emotional eating side of things a bit more (you probably have, but maybe I missed it! :). How to deal with the emotional food cravings and address your emotions in a different way.

  7. i love you guys but a lot of this is very incorrect. Alot of the things you are stating are NOT fact! i suggest doing some more research on studies that have been taken on both short term and long term (years) of people that use the keto diet.

  8. I think most people get confused with keto and bodybuilding low carb.. people think keto is high fat high protein no carbs (besides minimum to hit micros) but that’s just bodybuilding low carb.. keto is high fat, low protein low carb.. I’m a fan of someone doing what works for them.. but I’ll stick with Carbs 😉

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