Health advice! 12/04/03

Take a look at these health and wellness pictures:

Wellness recommendations! 12/04/03
Health Advice! 12/04/03
< img alt="wellness - Health Advice! 12/04/03"src=""size="400"/ > Photo by sarahgb(theoriginal)
My motivation for today’s PAD originated from a PAD submitted the other day by Lizetta Lyster … which reveals a worrying pattern in”well implying”but really quite patronising wellness “guidance signage by all the lifts in work. I assume they’ve neglected that a variety of wheelchair users utilize the lift. Yoga-Pilates-Manayunk-Hidden River-synergybyjasmine.

com Image by Harmony by Jasmine
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health - Health Advice! 12/04/03
< img alt="wellness - Health Advice! 12/04/03"src =""width ="400"/ > Picture by Or Hiltch Since there’s a lot to do in life therefore little
time to do it.

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