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A couple of good diet pictures I found:

Mentos & Diet Coke
Great Diet Plan Photos
< img alt="diet plan - Great Diet Plan Photos"src=""size="400"/ > Image by
CRUSTINA! Last Homie Hurrah/ London, ON/ April 21, 2012

Little Corellas, Kakadu National Forest
diet - Great Diet Plan Photos
< img alt="diet regimen - Great Diet Plan Photos"src=""width="400"/ > Photo by BRJ INC. Like my work? Like me on Facebook at:< a href=""rel="nofollow"> The Little Corella, Cacatua
sanguinea, additionally referred to as the Bare-eyed Cockatoo, is a white cockatoo belonging to Australia and also southern New Guinea.
The Little Corella expands to 36 to 39 cm in length and gathers in flocks of as much as several thousand birds, which often consist of many Galahs. The bird typically roosts in trees overnight, and also flies off to feed in the very early morning with a virtually deafening screeching. It mostly feeds on the ground, consuming seeds including cereal plants such as wheat as well as barley. It is so common that it has come to be something of an insect throughout much of Australia, and also can be harmful to the trees in which it sets down, by eating the bark off smaller sized twigs.
It was recognized as Birdirra amongst the Yindjibarndi people of the central as well as western Pilbara. They would maintain them as pet dogs, or commonly cook as well as consume them. The downy feathers are utilized in traditional ceremonies and also dances where they embellish head and armbands. [1]
A cockatoo is any one of the 21 varieties belonging to the bird family Cacatuidae. In addition to the Psittacidae (truth parrots) as well as the Strigopidae (the big New Zealand parrots), they make up the parrot order Psittaciformes. Placement of the cockatoos as a different family members is rather undisputed, although numerous facets of the various other living lineages of parrots are unsolved. The family members has a mostly Australasian circulation, ranging from the Philippines as well as the eastern Indonesian islands of Wallacea to New Guinea, the Solomon Islands and also Australia. The name cockatoo originated from the Malay name for these birds, kaka(k)tua (either from kaka “”parrot”+ tuwah, or “”older sister” “from kakak “”sibling”+ tua “”old”).
Cockatoos are instantly recognisable by their flashy crests and also curved expenses. Generally they are larger than other parrots; nevertheless, the Cockatiel, the tiniest cockatoo species, is a tiny bird. Their plumage is generally much less colourful than that of various other parrots, being generally white, grey, or black, and also usually with coloured attributes in the crest, cheeks, or tail. The category Cacatua makes up 11 types of white plumaged cockatoos, including the corellas, a group of smaller sized cockatoos. Very closely connected to them are the pink and grey Galah and also the pink and also white Major Mitchell’s Cockatoo. The five varieties of the genus Calyptorhynchus are big black coloured cockatoos. The continuing to be 3 species– the large black-plumaged Hand Cockatoo, the generally grey Gang-gang Cockatoo, as well as the small mostly grey Cockatiel– relate to the various other cockatoos via very early and also uncertain evolutionary branches.
The diet of the cockatoos is composed of seeds, roots, corms, fruit, blossoms and also bugs. They often feed in big groups, particularly when ground-feeding. Cockatoos are virginal as well as nest in tree hollows. Some cockatoo species have been negatively influenced by environment loss, specifically the loss of appropriate nesting hollows when large, mature trees are gotten rid of; alternatively, some species have actually adjusted well to human adjustments and are thought about agricultural insects.
Cockatoos are prominent birds in aviculture, yet their needs are tough to cater for. Nonetheless, the Cockatiel is a lot less complicated to maintain as a family pet, and also is by far the most popular. White cockatoos are a lot more commonly discovered in bondage than black cockatoos. Some species are threatened by the mainly illegal profession in wild-caught parrots.

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