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Photo from page 362 of “The indicators of internal disease, with a short consideration of the principal signs thereof” (1906 )
Cool Low Sodium Diet Images
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Title: The indicators of inner condition, with a quick consideration of the primary symptoms thereof Year: 1906( 1900s)Writers: Kintzing, Pearce, 1861-Topics: Medical diagnosis Publisher: Chicago, Cleveland Press Adding Library: Cornell College Library Digitizing Enroller:

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Magazine Access View All Images: All Pictures From Book Click right here to view publication online to see this illustration in context in a browseable online variation of this publication. Text Appearing Prior to Image: utrid pee is due tothe decomposition of mucus as well as other organic i ^ ubstances. Poods and=medicines influence the odor. Asparagus, garlic, cabbage, present a well-recognized smell, and the necessary as well as aromatic oils and also turpentinegive character to the odor of the pee. Cystitis gives rise to ammo-niacal pee(Nothnagel says acid). Pyuria lias the odor of pus orof decompo-sition. The smell of acetone is commonly obvious in theurine of eclampsia and also of diabetes. Reaction. The response of fresh regular pee is acid, as a result of acidsodium phosphate. The acidity boosts for numerous hours after be-ing nullified, because of the so-called acid fermentation. During this perioda creamy colored down payment, sometimes pink or red, of acid urate of sodium oruric acid is transferred, which goes away on warming. The level of acidity isleast in between meals; very early morning urine may be alkaline. Alkalinitycme to ammonia(inflammatory alkalinity)creates red litmus to turnblue when moistened therewith, but to resume its initial shade when Text Appearing After Image: Pate Yellow. Liqht Yellow- 3Yellow.- f. Red Yel lotv. Yellowish
Red. Brot ^ nish. Red. Reddish Brown. Brvtmish Black, PLATE XXIV.VOGELS RANGE OP PEE COLORS. EXAMINATION OP THE UKINE 311 dry. The pee is rendered alkaline by the administration of alkalies, as soda or potash, the alkaline carbonates or the salts of the vegetableacids, hence a vegetable diet regimen minimizes acidity. Acidity is boosted hyadministration of acids, by a meat-diet as well as by concentration. Details Gravity. The regular details gravity of pee variesfrom 1018 to 1022, the average might be put at 1020, yet differs withfood and drink. Meat-diet, energetic workout, massive sweating raise itabove this number. Fluids imbibed lower it. Those forms of Brights Note Regarding Photos Please keep in mind that these images are removed from checked web page photos that may have been electronically boosted for readability-
coloration and look of these illustrations may not perfectly appear like the initial work.

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