BMI versus Body Fat

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BMI versus Body Fat
BMI Versus Body Fat
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syvwlch This is a story of the Body Mass Index vs. the Body Fat percent. It consists of the real measurements over the 11 weeks of my diet plan until now (the little red crosses), along with some guesses concerning where this is going next off.

Undoubtedly, I started in the upper right-hand corner (with a BMI around 32.5 and a Body Fat percentage of over 32%!) and also as the diet plan proceeds, I’m moving down and left. You could see the dimensions just hit the shift in between Obese and Over-Weight according to BMI.

The most essential parameter impacting the form of the curve is the Fat Loss Proportion (FLR), i.e. the percentage of fat burning that is real weight loss (instead of muscular tissue loss).

The thick brownish line is the design’s ideal assumption as to where BMI and also Body Fat are going next off, based on my historical ordinary FLR value (i.e. 63.06% since today), while the dashed lines show where the curve would exist for other values of FLR.

For the document, I anticipate FLR to alter as I continuously shed weight and/or make an effect on my muscular tissue loss, but it interests see just how broad a series of possible Body Fat ratios could possibly represent the various BMI threshold worths.

Finally, these BMI as well as Body Fat values are legitimate for me, right now. I doubt they have any predictive value for any individual else, specifically if they are not a 35-year old man.

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diet - BMI Versus Body Fat
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duncan Egg muffins
diet - BMI Versus Body Fat
< img alt="diet regimen - BMI Versus Body Fat"src =""size ="400"/ > Picture by terryballard All paleo pleasant with eggs and also sausage

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