10/22/17 ketogenic diet cycling info

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19 thoughts on “10/22/17 ketogenic diet cycling info

  1. not just another pretty face.  Dr. Lustig is another one to follow.  Sugar and carbs are poison.  thanks Steve keep burning that fuel.

  2. I've been doing it the last 8 months, haven't been super strict the entire time but have lost 60 pounds in that period. Any time I cheat my body acts adversely so my body is keeping me in line lol.

  3. Metabolism is your body’s furnace and burning fuel is something you’re no stranger to. Solid clip, keto is as incredible as it is bland and boring.

  4. Thanks to you as my inspiration, I was able to use the ketogenic diet to slim down dramatically. I dropped a ton of fat. But now I have to purchase a new wardrobe. Thanks.

  5. Good to hear this Steve. I am on the Keto diet plan and I have lost 37 lbs in almost 1 month. I eat 2 boiled egg whites, cottage cheese and1 2.6 oz pouch of tuna for breakfast everyday. I have a grilled chicken breast & greens beans or broccoli for lunch and a 4oz piece of grilled salmon and a small salad for dinner evernight. For a snack, I have cup of sugar free jello. I don't do fruit of any kind. NO chewing gum or any drink,food item with synthetic sugars or sugar alcohols (they increase your appetite just like the real thing). I drink 1 gallon of water a day and walk 2 miles a day….NO EXCUSES.
    I ballooned up to 365 lbs since feb 2017 (fell off an 8ft ladder, 4 injured vertabrae) and my doctors and physical therapists recommended ketogenic dieting.
    Thank you Steve, I binge watched all your videos during my recovery and hope all your ducks,chicks and your little dog are doing great.

  6. the best way to lose weight is by NOT eating processed sugar… I guarantee you will lose weight fast and maintain it… that means no juice, sodas, candy… nothing that contains sugar in the ingredients…. natural sugars like fruits and nuts is fine…I've been on it for 2 years and lost 50 lbs in 8 months and have maintained the weight… I eat everything else, except processed sugar…easiest thing in the world.

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